Ability Engineering

  • is a provider of management, design, business analysis and technical skills.  With many years of experience working for a number of large corporate clients on a range of projects, Ability Engineering brings a professional, high quality approach to all engagements.
  • is a Sparx Systems Authorised Trainer and Reseller of Enterprise Architect, the UML modelling tool of choice for thousands of organisations, government bodies and standards organisations worldwide.
  • has created eaDocX™, the Microsoft Word document generator Extension for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect



Our Experience


Communication is essential for success in every part of business.  And as time scales get shorter and the margin for error reduces, the team that can rapidly and accurately communicate what they know will have a competitive advantage.  The right tools used by the right people with the right data can transform project and programme delivery.

Typical organisations, in many industry sectors, have centres of excellence (we call them silos) where great work is done, but sharing that information across different departments or teams is usually painful.  The information needs to be re-formatted between functions, maybe with the addition of new data, so duplicate (but subtly different) versions of the data are created as the information 'matures'.  Across a number of disciplines the various sources of data start to multiply... projects develop... change requests are introduced... business cases are challenged, and eventually the multiple versions of the truth become unmanageable.  

And the result?  Errors creep in, inconsistent information and assumptions are used and then rework is required.  Leading to delays, increased costs and poor quality.


Our Experience with Enterprise Architect

Using Enterprise Architect, organisations can reverse this trend.  EA provides a location where several teams can have a single repository for all project data.  This encourages the re-use of data, rather than each team creating a new set of data for each new report or piece of analysis. With the addition of eaDocX, it is easy and quick to create focussed documents that are formatted exactly for each audience, to share the EA model data with other teams, management, suppliers and customers.


How We Can Help You

Implementation of EA and eaDocX can transform your business communications - helping to deliver quality and speed at reduced costs.

To make this happen in your organisation, Ability Engineering has created the EA Quick Start Programme.  This programme is designed to get your project off to a flying start. It consists of various activities that can be tailored to your requirements, consisting of the following services:

  • A range of EA and eaDocX Support, from contracts for the provision of talent, through consulting or mentoring services, to 1-2-1 remote support on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Delivery of UML, EA and eaDocX Training courses, including UML and Business Analysis Skills.


Teams working together


To find out more about Ability Engineering services, including training, mentoring and provision of talent to help you optimise your use of EA and eaDocX, please Contact Us.