The start of a new project is a busy time, so you'd think that maybe it's not the best time to be installing new tools.

But it's at the start of a project that the maximum benefit can be obtained from using EA and eaDocX.

So why not get a helping hand in getting your EA and eaDocX solution up and running? Many of the things you'll need to do are 1-off tasks, which benefit greatly from Ability Engineering's previous experience. For example we have


  • built informational models (Metamodels) for a range of situations
  • customised EA to make users more productive, by putting all the modelling techniques they need in one place
  • created loads of documents from eaDocX - of course...

We've also had more than 5 years experience of using EA and eaDocX together on high-pressure IT projects, and we know what it takes to create an efficient project knowledge repository.

Each project is different, but below is a general plan for getting effective and self-sufficient in your use of EA and eaDocX.


Diagram of a typical EA Quick Start project

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