Ability Engineering provides a rich set of options for integrating your analysis and design to deliver scalable, practical modelling solutions.  We offer a range of practical solutions grounded in real-word experience (we have the scars to prove it!). And our toolset includes:

  • Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems),
  • Prolaborate, providing Web access to EA in real time,
  • eaDocX, simplifying the creation of formal documents (Word or Excel), including Web publishing and collaboration, and
  • Model Expert, letting you apply standards and quality control to your models, building-in best practice to your team's day-to-day modelling.

 If you are uncertain about how to implement EA and any of these tools in your organisation, Ability Engineering can help in a number of ways ...


Training: Ability Engineering offers a range of training courses and workshops to equip your team with the knowledge they need, including our popular EA in a Day series. See individual courses for more information. 

On-site Consulting: Ability Engineering can provide consultants to help solve specific problems in your EA implementation or advise on setting up EA-based projects for success. We offer on-site support, typically for one day a week or one day a month, giving advice and guidance to you and your team. See Consulting for more information.


Model Reviews: Bring in an expert for an independent review of your model. 

  • Delivering recommendations for improving model structure, consistency and quality
  • Identifying practical ways to increase model use, ease of sharing and opportunities for re-use



Remote Mentoring: 1-2-1 support for general UML, BPMN or other modelling queries, plus specific tool support for EA, Model Expert, Prolaborate and eaDocX. This support is delivered by screen sharing and video or voice call with an Ability Engineering expert. For more details see Remote Mentoring.



Provide a team: If you need additional skilled talent to strengthen your team then Ability Engineering can offer experienced contractors for short or medium term contracts.


All these services sit within the context of our Model Driven Delivery (MDD) philosophy.

Please Contact us to discuss your requirements.