We've tried to package-up our support offerings into different bits, but sometimes, what you want doesn't quite fit into any of them. 

It might be help with defining a meta-model, and a governance process, or doing a review of a model structure.

Or help with just getting started.

For these cases, we offer a per-day consulting rate, changed at GBP870/day. Ask us about special deals for longer periods of time.


The Small Print

This price is

  • Exclusive of VAT at the current rate, if applicable in your country, or any other local taxes
  • Exclusive of travel, (car/train in UK, economy class flights elsewhere),and hotels. All these will be pre-agreed with you.
  • For travel more than 3 time-zones from the UK, we may also charge for days to recover : no point employing a consultant who is half asleep.