The Model Driven Delivery (MDD) Framework equips your team to maximise the benefits of your investment in Enterprise Architect.
Focusing on

Scalable, Practical Modelling Solutions

it consists of four elements:


This is what it’s all about. Delivering projects faster, cheaper and with better quality. If you start by thinking about what your project stakeholders need, then you can work backwards to address what’s needed in all the other areas. We can help you do this, by starting with our ‘Delivering Projects with EA’ workshop. This will focus your modelling team on what really matters to your business, and introduces the idea of a ‘Minimum Viable Model’ – what’s the least modelling you can do to deliver the most benefit.

Delivery is also about producing the outputs which your project needs, so we also offer training in the eaDocX document generator for EA, which lets you create great quality documents with minimum effort. We’re quite good at this one, probably because we also write eaDocX!


Your organisation and industry already have created decades of knowledge. So use that to make your projects go faster. Whether it’s an industry-specific process model, the requirements from a previous project, or just a really good glossary of terms, it’s all useful. So make a point of harvesting that knowledge which will help you the most.

We can help you, with our “Knowledge harvesting with EA” 1-day workshop, where you’ll get hands-on experience of lots of techniques. Includes the built-in EA function, as well as more advanced tools like eaDocX/Excel.


Running a larger-scale modelling team means you’ll need some new skills and tools, so that everyone works as efficiently as possible. This will mean all using the same modelling languages in the same way, so we offer courses in many of the most popular: UML, BPMN and Use Cases. We also look specifically at Requirements Management with EA. Many of these are from our ‘EA in Day’ series, where you’ll learnt the theory, then put it into practice using EA models. The UML ones can train Business Analysts from scratch, with a 3-day intensive UML course, followed by an intensive, 100% hands-on practical case study, to give new BAs real confidence in their new knowledge.

We’ll also help to get your team working better together, with our “EA for Teams” workshop. Here you’ll look at all the great co-ordination and collaboration options available in the EA world, and choose those which are right for your project. It’s a tough day, but will hugely improve how your team uses EA. And we’ll look at how Model Expert (another tool we wrote ourselves) can help you to maintain the quality and consistency of your models.



Now that you have useful business knowledge in your model, it’s time to share it with your stakeholders. Engaging your stakeholders isn’t just about publishing documents, or dumping data to a website. It’s about really understanding what they need, and delivering a customised experience which will really get their attention.

We offer workshops which explain the options and techniques for engaging your stakeholders – “Knowledge Curation with EA”, as well as the tools which actually deliver it – Prolaborate and eaDocX for documents and web collaboration.



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