eaDocX™ is the agile Word and Excel document creation and collaboration extension for Enterprise Architect, making it simple to create high quality business ready documents and delivering the power of EA to anyone with a web enabled device.

eaDocX™ delivers better quality*, faster with meaningful stakeholder engagement.


Choose what to print:

  • Include any EA data, all EA diagram types, all EA Project information and content from EA linked documents and Matrix reports
  • Mix hand written Word content alongside your EA generated content
  • Embed Excel ranges and charts
  • Project Glossary (just the terms used in this document)
  • Document information

Choose how to print it:

  • Structured by package, element type, diagram contents, model views, searches, cross references.
  • Format each element and stereotype as paragraphs or tables using Word Styles and Word table styles
  • Choose which attributes, TVs, relationships and related elements to include, including hyperlinks to related document content
  • Apply conditional formatting rules to the content
  • Show or Hide empty sections


  • Just 2 clicks to a "Quick Document"
  • Draft and full document generation, batch regeneration for consistent document sets
  • Automated document management and versioning


  • Web publishing, with simple url access
  • Password controlled real-time collaboration
  • Track questions and answers, discussions, votes & compliance
  • Full traceability with everything stored in your model
  • Agile updates, all under author control
  • One licence, unlimited documents and reviewers


eaDocX™ looks after your documents, so you can look after your model.

Take a free 30 day trial at: www.eadocx.com


(*Better quality documents, better stakeholder engagement, better quality models, and better project deliverables)