Our Toolset

All these software products contribute to the Model Driven Delivery framework - delivering scalable practical modelling solutions.


Ability Engineering is an approved reseller of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, the most popular modelling tool, with over 580,000 users worldwide
eaDocX makes it easy to create high quality documents for demanding stakeholders.TIght integration with Microsoft Word and Excel provides EA modellers with all the familiar features so that model knowledge can be used to generate documents your stakeholders understand.
Publish eaDocX documents online to stakeholders for review anywhere and at any time - with full visibility of comments, reviews and approvals. Everything saved in the model for full traceability. Compatible with all web-enabled devices.
Model Expert lets you achieve model data qualitiy that meets your company standards. It analyses what's in your model, lets you set quality thresholds for model governance, or you can apply guidance to modellers when model data is created. 
Prolaborate is Web Collaboration software that makes it simple to share your Enterprise Architect models with the everyone. Create personalized, dynamic views of relevant information for your stakeholders. Just publish static content, or let them edit, comment, like and share model content and review and approve deliverables. 


Our Experience

Communication is essential for success in every part of business.  And as time scales get shorter and the margin for error reduces, the team that can rapidly and accurately communicate what they know will have a competitive advantage.  The right tools used by the right people with the right data can transform project and programme delivery.
Typical organisations, in many industry sectors, have centres of excellence (we call them silos) where great work is done, but sharing that information across different departments or teams is usually painful.  The information needs to be re-formatted between functions, maybe with the addition of new data, so duplicate (but subtly different) versions of the data are created as the information 'matures'.  Across a number of disciplines the various sources of data start to multiply... projects develop... change requests are introduced... business cases are challenged, and eventually the multiple versions of the truth become unmanageable.  
And the result?  Errors creep in, inconsistent information and assumptions are used and then rework is required.  Leading to delays, increased costs and poor quality.

Our Experience with Enterprise Architect

Using Enterprise Architect, organisations can reverse this trend.  EA provides a location where several teams can have a single repository for all project data, rather than each team creating a new set of data (with overlaps, duplicates and/or contradictions) for each new report or piece of analysis.
Adding Model Expert to EA delivers a new level of quality to models, as distributed teams can be sure of modelling consistently so that their model can be understood and re-used throughout the organisation.
With the addition of eaDocX: document excellence it is easy and quick to create focussed documents that are formatted precisely to suit any and every audience. And with eaDocX: document collaboration those documents can be published online to be viewed on any web enabled device. In this way, EA model data can be shared with all stakeholders: other teams, management, suppliers and customers, for interactive reviews, approvals and compliance.
Prolaborate: Professional Model Collaboration transforms how EA users build and share their models and delivers for the first time, high quality stakeholder engagement across all parts of hte business.


All these software products contribute to the Model Driven Delivery framework - delivering scalable practical modelling solutions.