Ability Engineering have been designing and delivering Object Optimisation and UML courses for more than 15 years. In that time we've built-up a large amount of training material, which can be adapted to the needs of your project.

We have a 'standard' set of course sections, but we can also include or remove almost any combination of sections, if you don't think they are appropriate for your project. Or, we can give additional emphasis to areas which are particularly important to you.

Some of our most frequently requested courses are: 


  • Analysis. This is an intensive 3-day course, aimed at Business Analysts who want to use UML to capture their project requirements and analyse them. It assumes some previous BA knowledge, at least at the level of 'why do we need to analyse requirements'. The course is a mixture of instructor-led sessions and frequent exercises.
  • Case Study. Available with or without the UML Analysis course, this is a 2 day, 100% hands-on practical example, using all the UML analysis techniques. 

Enterprise Architect

  • EA For BAs EA really is the best tool for BAs. 300,000 customers can't be wrong! So this is the only one we teach. We deliberately separate the tool (this course) from the techniques (the UML Analysis course), as we find the results are much better. We can do both at the same time (integrating the use of EA into all the UML Analysis course exercises), but your team just won't learn as much. The course teaches all the main parts of EA which a Business Analyst will need, and a few of the odd corners as well. This is 100% hands-on.
  • EA in a Day: BPMN 2.0 This comprises a half day covering the essentials of BPMN 2.0, followed by a half day of practical tips to model BPMN in Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • EA in a Day: Use Cases This course covers Best Practice in Use Case modelling using Structured Scenarios - with a half a day on techniques, followed by half a day modelling them using Enterprise Architect. 
  • EA for Teams This course is for users of Enterprise Architect who are looking to roll-out EA to other people within their organisation, and so use EA to share more of their business and technical knowledge. It covers the practicalities of structuring your models and setting up your project teams to work together effectively.

eaDocX Workshop. This is also a 100% hands-on session, teaching you how to create and share fantastic documents using the eaDocX document generator - an extension to Sparx Enterprise Architect.

We are also very experienced in tailoring these courses to your specific project needs. One useful customisation can be to add-in your local BA standards into the course, so that delegates learn your particular Use Case or BPMN style as part of the course. We have also added guest-speaker sessions, where your project or other managers can add their perspective on the project.

See Customising your course for more details.


We will provide a tailored quotation based on your requrements.  Please see Training Pricing for more information.