At Ability Engineering we're commited to delivering exactly the training you need. This usually means some kind of customisation of our 'standard' courseware.

Some examples of customisations we've done recently:

  • Adding details of internal sources of help, and other company intranet information within topics
  • Adding a totally new topic about a companies' UML-based modelling technique (sorry - no further information is available)
  • Removing the UML Process Modelling topic, in favour of the BPMN technique. This is quite a common request
  • Changing the visual appearance of the courseware to blend better with a larger programme of training
  • Combining the UML 'ideas' sections with the corresponding EA 'tools' section. We're asked to do this every few months, and always advise against it. It confuses delegates, and we always get poorer delegate feedback. But, you're the customer, and if it's what you REALLY want, then we'll do it.


Customisations are done on a daily-rate basis, so the more times the course is delivered, the more ecomomic it becomes.


See the Training Pricing page for more details.


Intellectual Property

Our standard agreement with customers when AE creates new material: the customer has the right to use the new material without restriction, but does not have rights to any existing AE courseware.  AE also has the right to re-use new material with other customers, subject to normal commercial confidentiality. These conditions are build-in to the pricing of our customisation service, so changing these conditions will result in different pricing.