Sharing your EA models with new users - EA users or non-EA users - is a great way to share the knowledge which those models contain.

But's it not as simple as giving them access to EA. Or even access to some other, web-based tool which lets them see into EA. We need to think about

  1. what's in the model and how it's organised,
  2. who needs ot access it and what we want them to do, and finally,
  3. create an experience for those users which will let them actually do what we need them to do

This workshop is a single-customer workshop, because you'll be working on your own model - or maybe a copy of it, just to be safe.

You'll get practical help on what to do, then be try out the techniques on a model which you understand.


Session   Activity Deliverables
1 Organising your model

- Looking at your package structure

- Techniques for tidying-up diagrams

- Assessing your meta-model - what element types and stereotypes do you use, and what connectors.

- proposed new package structure

- standards & action plan for tidying-up diagrams

- view of your meta model, and a plan to make it consistent


2 Audience and Action

- who might beneft from getting access to your models ?

- what would you like them to DO once they can access them? Just read, or read and comment, or give their formal approval?

- matrix of people, actions, and the parts of your models they need to access

- sets the agenda for the next session, where we prepare the model for them to access

3 Curation

- learn some techniques for presenting information to users in new ways, so they can make the contribution you need

- practice these on some of your own models

- plan for adding new curated diagrams 

- plan for adding new types of information presentation

4 Implementation  Finally, we'll look at some the tools which are available to let you deliver all this - web-based Ea tools, tools within EA intself, and other EA-related tools

- implementation tasks

- list of actions

The course is a full day, run onsite on your premises, so that the team can acces your models.

Our instructor will need to see these models, so we are happy to sign a reasonable non-disclosure agreement before we start the workshop.

Maximum delegates - 12

Skill level required - Proficient EA user. Able to navigate around EA, create diagrams, do basic modelling tasks. 

Knowledge Curation with EA (workshop)


1 day


£1200 plus £35 per delegate and instructor expenses


Maximum of 12


Knowledge of Enterprise Architect