We spoke to lots of BAs at BA2017 who are already EA users, and who have already proved to themselves that using models really can really make a difference to their projects.

And lots of them said they are how ready to take the next step, and grow their use of modelling.

If this is you, then our  Modelling Takeoff offer has been designed with you in mind.

Like Modelling Launchpad, this offer also consists of software, training and support.


  • 12 Additional EA & eaDocX licences. This BA2017 offer gives you 12 more EA licences, as that seemed a popular number based on the conversations we had. If you need more, or fewer, no problem. Give us a call.
  • 12 Additional eaDocX Licences. No point having a great model if you can't create great documents, and eaDocX does that - simply and quickly.
  • 8 Model Expert Licences. Model Expert allows you to start creating and applying standards to how your modellers work. This is really important as your team grows,


Included in this offer is a further 3 days of training, from any of the courses in Modelling Launchpad, or those shown below, which are especially aimed at growing teams:






Delivering Projects with EA


This workshop brings together your modelling team with your project managers and PMOs. It creates a plan to integrate your modelling efforts as closely as possible with the delivery of the project, and at the same time, make sure each group understands what the other needs.

Facilitated by an experienced project manager AND an experienced BA, it will create you Minimum Viable Model: the least modelling you should be doing to deliver the maximum project benefit.


EA for Teams


In this hand-on workshop we will teach you all the great stuff in EA, eaDocX and Model Expert which can help you manage your team. We’ll explain the alternatives, and either have you make decisions on the day, and/or create an action plan


EA in a Day: Knowledge Harvesting Workshop


Your organisation is already packed with useful knowledge which can usefully be in your model. But where to start? This workshop looks at both which knowledge to pick, and the mechanics of making it happen


Model Curation Workshop


Getting your stakeholders to engage with your model isn’t just a question of generating a document with everything in it, or putting it all out on the intranet. Who needs to see what, and in what detail? Should you change how you do modelling, to make it more understandable? This 1-day workshop lets you think about all these issues, and practice some curation techniques which will help you really engage yor audience.



As with Modelling Launchpad, we also offer over-the-web support as part of this package. You’ll probably come across different issues from those you found during Modelling Launchpad, but you’ll  still benefit from occasional help from experienced EA and modelling professionals. So that’s why we include a bit more support time than Modelling Launchpad - you’re going to be asking us harder questions!

So we include another 20 hours of remote support, but additional on-site support is also available if you need it.



Cost for all items in this offer is normally over GBP12,000. For attendees of BA2017, who order by 31/12/2017, special price is £10,500, plus VAT


Contact Us today to grow your modelling team with Modelling Takeoff