Our Modelling Launchpad offer has all you need to get a team of 8 BAs up and running creating useful models. (see note 1)
It comes in three parts: Software, Training and Support.


  • 8 copies of Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA), Corporate Edition.

EA is the leading modelling tool in the IT industry, with over 600,000 users all around the world, in all industries. If you’re going to get into modelling, this should be your first choice.

  • 8 copies of eaDocX Corporate Edition. There’s not much point in creating great models if nobody can see the output, and eaDocX is the leading document generator for EA.


Before you get started using EA, it makes sense to get trained. But there all all kinds of models for all kinds of projects, so we let you choose the mix of training whch suits you and your team.
So pick any three days of training from the following list. We'll come to your location to teach you all together.







UML for Business Analysts


An overview of the main EA models, as well as requirements. Includes all the content from RMBA, BPMNEA, UCEA and EABA, and some extra bits


Introduction to Sparx Enterprise Architect for BAs


Find your way around EA for BAs who haven’t used any modelling tools at all.


EA in a Day: Requirements Management


If you’re mostly collecting textual requirements, modelling can still help lots. In this course, you’ll see how to write really tight, usable requirements, and how to use EA to make them even more useful


EA in a Day: BPMN 2.0


BPMN is the most popular Process Modelling notation, and this day will teach you a practical sub-set to get you flying along. You’ll also see how EA makes BPMN processes easy to create and manage.


EA in a Day: Use Cases


Use Cases are one of the foundation techniques of UML – easy to write, and easy for stakeholders and testers to understand. This day will make you proficient Use Case writers, and you’ll also learn how EA makes them easy to capture and use.


Introduction to eaDocX - workshop


eaDocX makes it easy to create high-quality documents from your EA models, customised to needs of individual stakeholders. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to make your documents clear, accurate, and super-fast to produce.

This training offer consists of delivery of the training to up to 12 people, electronic copies of all the training materials and examples, and all expenses if the training is delivered in mainland UK.


We’ve all had the experience of going on a course where everything makes perfect sense, then starting work the next day and getting stuck on a small detail. “There was a way to do this – but what was it?” “The examples on the course weren’t quite the same as what I’m doing – what should I do?

Once you’ve done our courses, we don’t just want you to hit the ground running. We want you to keep running. So, as part of Modelling Launchpad, we’re also including 10 hours of online support, delivered by our expert EA-using BAs. They have years of experience with dozens of customers, so you’ll find that ½ hour on Skype (2) is usually all it takes to get you running again. Or you can use the time to have us review what you’re doing, do a bit more 1:many teaching – whatever it takes to keep you making progress.

Ten hours might not sound like much, but our experience is that a little help, delivered at the right time, and by the right person, is usually all you’ll need.



Cost for all items in this offer is normally over GBP8,000. For attendees of BA2017, who order by 31/12/2017, special price is £7,200 plus VAT


Contact Us today to book Modelling Launchpad for your organisation.



(1)    We’ve chosen 8 as the size of this offer, because we’ve found it’s easy to get that number of BAs all working in a new way fairly quickly. More than that gets a bit harder, and fewer means you probably won’t make a noticeable difference to your organisation. But if you really feel you need more or fewer people, let us know.

(2)   Or similar video/audio/screen-sharing technology