Modelling has changed how complex IT projects are analysed and designed. Models can join-up the skills and knowledge of lots of different people. But our experiences of managing projects and creating models tells us that there is often a disconnect between the language, background, and sometimes even the objectives of PMs and modellers.

Modellers are focused on their key Project deliverables...

  • Architectiure
  • Requirements Managaement
  • Process Management
  • User Stories and Use Cases
  • Design

Project Managers care about these Project deliverables too, but they are also concerned with:

  • Benefits management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Reporting.

This intensive 2-day workshop will pull your PMs and Modellers closer together, by concentrating on the overlapping concerns of both groups. We’ll create a language which they both can share, as well as creating an action plan. And we do this in a unique way. The workshop is facilitated by an experienced Project Manager AND an experienced modeller. In this way we build a bridge between these two areas of expertise, so that the Modellers change what they do to support the Project Managers, and the PMs know what the model can deliver. Bridging the gap, to make everyone more successful



Develop a simple vision of how your projects could work when this is all done. What will success look like?.

Choose a Project

Either the project you’re working on, or, if you haven’t yet chosen one, identify one where modelling will make a visible difference

Understand the art of the possible

Discover what models are good at, and what not. Clue: they are usually poor at doing pure Project Management! And compare this with what you’re currently doing. Looking from the modellers and PM perspectives

What can we do differently?

Explore what  Project Managers need, and how modellers can help deliver that — agreeing what and how the models  can be changed simply to deliver …

Minimum Value Model (MVM)

What is the least amount of modelling we can do to deliver value to the project? This isn’t the full vision: it’s just the first step towards it

Action Plan and Outputs

Agreed success criteria for candidate project (s)

Prioritised list of pain points and actions

Tailored modelling recommendations for your MVM 

Project Governance impacts: Milestones/key stages, impacted processes, easy wins

Plan for implementation


 Delivering Projects with EA


2 days


£4800 plus £70 per delegate and instructor expenses


Maximum of 12


Knowledge of Enterprise Architect