Business Analysis is a practical activity, not just a bunch of theories. Over the years, we've found that only when people apply the theory to a real business problem do they gain a deep insight into how it all fits together.

So we have developed a 2-day case study, which delegates do in teams of 2 or 3, and which is 100% hands-on. The instructor just introduces the problem, then steps-back and lets the delegates do the rest.

Delegates are given a brief for the project, and must produce:

  • Requirements,
  • use cases,
  • optional BPMN or UML Activity Diagram business processes,
  • domain and state models,
  • and an example user interface.

So that nobody gets left behind, at each stage we provide 'model' solutions. These aren't necessarily the 'right answer' - as many delegates are keen to point out - but allow everyone to start from the same point for the next exercise.

Your instructor is always available, but wears two hats - literally: they are either the UML expert, or the business problem expert ("Bob"). Delegates soon learn to be clear who they are asking - Bob reacts badly to being asked UML questions!


This has proved to be a very successful and enjoyable 2-days. Delegates get to experiment with the ideas from the UML Analysis course, but in a 'safe' environment. It has also proved to be useful as a way to get new teams to bond with each other, and develop an understanding of each others talents prior to the start of a project.

We normally deliver this 2-day case study immediately or shortly after the UML Analysis course.


UML Analysis Case Study


2 days


£2400 plus £70 per delegate and instructor expenses


Maximum of 12


This workshop is tailored to support the AE training course: UML for Business Analysts