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     Ability Engineering Reseller Application

Ability Engineering (the sole distributor of eaDocX software) offers a Reseller Agreement to organisations and companies who wish to partner with us to sell eaDocX Products.

The Reseller accreditation process is as follows:

  1.     You complete and submit an application via this online form
  2.     We review your application then send you a reseller agreement (2 copies).
  3.     You sign and return them, we sign them and return one copy to you.
  4.     When the agreement takes effect, we supply you with a user name and password to access the eaDocX reseller website.

Ability Engineering resellers are independent businesses who partner with Ability Engineering for the provision of licenced products and services.
Ability Engineering evaluates potential resellers on their standing in the marketplace, technical experience and expertise, existing client relationships and quality of online presence.                                                                  

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