You've probably worked out that there's more to getting real business value from a model than just ordering some more licences.  We're here to help you make that transition... Read More


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You’ve probably already worked out that there’s more to getting real business value from a model than just ordering some more licences.

We’re here to help you to make that transition. From a small team of high-skill modellers to a company-wide, strategic knowledge repository that delivers real value.

We have been working with Sparx Enterprise Architect customers for more than 10 years, and we have helped lots of them to make the transition from a couple-of-users to a full-sized modelling team. We focus on just one modelling tool, because it is the best value, most widely used one in the industry.

So whether you need to train your team to work better together, generate all your documents directly from your model, or give your stakeholders a view of your model, we can give you the practical training, tools and support you need.

To make it easier to see what’s involved, we’ve summarised all of our experiences into four chunks. You can think of them in any order, as they all seem to be necessary.

We’ve decided to call this Model Driven Delivery (MDD) because we think it’s a good summary of what you’re trying to do. But that’s the end of the jargon. This is practical, scalable modelling, not buzzword-bingo.

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